@MoodleNews Fave Moodle sites – great sites!

Check out @MoodleNews blog post, Leeds City College Moodle site but this list made me aware of a few other awesome sites! I’m loving http://www.moodleinschools.org.nz,  check it out!

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Two book reviews coming! @packtpub

I’m very excited to read and review two books from Packt Publishing.

Moodle 1.9 Theme Design: Beginner’s Guide

  • Create your own Moodle theme from the graphic design stage right through to the finished complete Moodle theme
  • Offers design examples and ways to create appropriate themes for different student age groups and styles
  • Effective planning for creating and modifying new themes, customizing existing themes, and enhancing them further
  • Clear focus on beginners with ample screenshots and clear explanations to facilitate learning

Moodle 1.9 Extension Development

  • Develop your own blocks, activities, filters, and organize your content with secure code
  • Thoroughly covers key libraries of Moodle and best practices to use them
  • Explore the Moodle architectural concepts, how it is structured, and how it works
  • Detailed examples and screenshots for easy learning

These two books are probably the most exciting to me to begin reading out of all the Packt Publishing books I’ve read. I’m currently into the 3rd chapter of the Theme Design book, which I will be reviewing on MoodleNews.com. It should be posted on Moodle News within a few weeks and the Extension book I will be reviewing on this blog.

Making your Moodle site look good!

This post is inspired by me finally getting read/write permissions to our Moodle server! Since last summer when we installed Moodle we have wanted to add themes, plug-ins, modules, edit the php, etc. Yesterday, that day came. Today, I am searching for recommended modules, plug-ins, course formats, themes and other small tips to make our Moodle site look good. I’ve added Book and Tab Display modules from Moodle.org. Now, I want to ramp up our Moodle site theme and layout. We force our users to use their My Moodle page, so I will also try and make that page look good.

Please give me your favorite Moodle themes, modules and tips! Comment on this post or Tweet me!

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Moodle Slider

Patrick Malley created a Moodle Slider for the front page of a Moodle theme. I think it’s pretty cool! It’s pretty slick and can save some space. I think it makes it feel a little more like a regular website.

The only problem, on our district Moodle site, is that we force our users to use My Moodle. When they log in they do not ever see the front page, they only see the front page when they are not logged in. Therefore, putting any important information there or spending a lot of time working on that may not be worth it if not many users see it.