Attend a Moodle Moot…. Online!

Just a quick reminder to register for iMoot 2010! What’s iMoot 2010, you ask?

iMoot2010 is the first time the Moot has been brought together on a gobal scale. In the past localised Moots have been held all around the world with brilliant speakers from each region. iMoot will bring them together for the first time in one event for an online e-conference with a difference. read more

I think this is an awesome Volume Pills idea especially for Moodle because it’s so global. From what I understand there will be live sessions throughout the day and they will be replayed two more times with Q & A sessions after. Obviously, Moodlers are in all different timezones so replaying the sessions will allow Moodlers to attend the sessions they want.

iMoot2010 is February 4th-7th

Registration Cost: $45

Follow iMoot2010 on Twitter

Visit iMoot2010 now to learn more and register today!

Reminder: Use WeFollow to find Moodlers on Twitter

Just a quick reminder about the awesome resource, WeFollow (for Moodle). It’s a ranked list of Moodle Twitter users (people who have added the moodle tag to themselves when joining). There are currently 120 users on the list and you can also add yourself to the list.

Twitter is a great resource to network with other Moodlers and ask questions, learn about resources, get news and share things yourself! There are many awesome Moodlers using Twitter that are very helpful.

@moodle is the official Twitter handle. Tweets consists of Moodle news and helpful forum post links

@moodler is the man himself, Martin Dougiamas

Check out the main WeFollow site or take a look at the Moodle WeFollow list.

Moodlers on Twitter

Twitter bird Icon
I thought I would blog about a great source to get information about Moodle – Twitter! I love how Twitter connects you with people across the world that you have never met and may never meet.

Every day I see interesting links, get questions answered and see awesome Moodle-related resources via Twitter. Below are just a few that I follow.

@moodle – The official Moodle Twitter account. Tweets consists of links to useful posts from the Using Moodle forums.

@moodler – Martin Dougiamas – Founder of Moodle.

@moodleman – Julian Ridden – Creator of The Moodleman Blog. Great source for Moodle news, resources, links and ideas.

@ptrkmkl – Patrick Malley – Creator of NewSchool Learning (Moodle themes). A great Moodle themer and a source of great Moodle knowledge.

@MoodleDan – Dan Humpherson

@iusher – Ian Usher

@lasic -Tomaz Lasic


@awyattA. T. Wyatt – “Thinking things” blog




@moodlefairy – Mary Cooch – Visit her Moodle Blog


@moodleshare – The official Twitter account of A great site where users can share Moodle links.

I know I have forgotten many but there’s a start. Please comment your own Twitter handle or any that you recommend!

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Twitter in Plain English – Common Craft video explaining what Twitter is – if you don’t know : )