Moodle Tracker issues you should know about

I’ve recently run into a few Moodle bugs that I feel like should get some love and votes to up the priority. I’ll get right into it..

My Moodle drag and drop issue with blocks [#MDL-34679]

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When you’re on the My Moodle page in version 2.3.1 and up you will not be able to drag and drop blocks by the crosshair icon like in courses. It took me quite a while to realize that 1.) it wasn’t just my theme and 2.) I could actually move the blocks but only when I clicked once on the crosshair icon, waited, and then clicked in a outlined area like you would do if AJAX was not enabled.

It’s especially confusing because all courses now have to use AJAX (right?) and with the new edition of drag and drop of courses in the My Moodle, it’s weird that the drag and drop works for that but not for the blocks. It’s confusing for users who expect it to work a certain way because of the icon and they just give up not realizing they can click once on it and move it (like me) and confusing for new users who have no experience with the non AJAX way.

I don’t see much activity on this issue and I think it’s a huge deal! Don’t you? Vote here!


Grouping Name does not show up by the Label resource [#MDL-37425]

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This tracker issue I created. I noticed it after teachers were complaining about it disappearing after we upgraded to Moodle 2.4.

The Grouping Name is not being displayed in parenthesis for Labels on a course page. The Grouping Name will however display for quizzes, chats, etc. It became an issue after upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4.


There should be a (grouping name) by “This is a label” just like the header has the (22) grouping name. This is important because our teachers have honors and regular math courses all on the same Moodle page and there are labels with a lot of content for each of the groupings but now they [teachers] have to go into each and every label settings to see which grouping it’s for. It sounds like this WAS working in earlier versions then stopped. Vote here!




Questions should be searchable/sortable by tags [#MDL-28308]

[#MDL-28308] Questions should be searchablesortable by tags - Moodle Tracker - _01-10_08-14

 zoom plusThe description pretty much sums it up. I believe the “tagging” function in quiz questions was implemented in Moodle 2 but there is no use for them. You can’t do anything with the tags – they have no purpose right now. This would be a great spot to be able to “tag” certain quiz questions with a certain skill or standard. Then, you would be able to run reports on the class and see which skill or standard needs more work. You could do this report by class or by student. That would be awesome.

I’ve received a few requests for this type of function from teachers and our curriculum department. I think it’s about time to make those “tags” have a use and it looks like it’s a pretty popular tracker item – go see and vote for yourself!

And for those who don’t know what in the world I’m talking about…

What is the Moodle Tracker?

This is where we record and manage all issues related to Moodle and related systems.

It’s not just for developers!

All users should use this system to report problems or new ideas for Moodle and help us make it better.

If you don’t have an account I highly recommend you get one. It’s not just for developers trying to fix issues it’s for any Moodle user – admin or normal user. There may be a bug that you run into that isn’t in the tracker yet or maybe it is and it’s already resolved but your version of Moodle needs to be updated. It’s very helpful to Moodle admins in that it saves you time being frustrated because something doesn’t work but realize it’s a bug or maybe you want to browse around and see the new features that will be added. It’s also for new functionality of Moodle – not just bugs. Go check it out here.

You can also “vote” and “watch” issues. The more votes an issue gets the higher the priority. It’s a way to let know Moodlers needs and wants. What a great concept – open software, open tracker system where everyone can help out and test and a way to get your voice heard and let Moodle know what’s important.

Stay up to date with Moodle 2.0 News at Moodle Monthly @moodlenews & Twitter

updatedJust a quick note to stay updated with Moodle 2.0 news at Moodle Monthly. Moodle 2.0 Beta recently came out and is available at for download.

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Other Pokies ways to keep informed of the development of Moodle 2.0

Take advantage of Moodle Courses!

monitorsI’ve recently taken an interest in a few Moodle courses. The first is Teaching and Learning with Moodle which is facilitated by Tomaz Lasic.

An organised, curated point for educators, new and experienced Moodle users alike to find out about Moodle, find quality links to sources of further information, collaborate on projects and share their best practices in teaching of children and adults in a range of settings.

This is a new course but long overdue! I’m very excited to learn and share here. One cool thing that Tomaz created in the course was a clever little resource called “Moodle Recipes for Educators – a community cookbook” where people can add examples of how they’re using Moodle in education. I haven’t added anything yet but plan to : )

The other course I’m going to mention is Moodle for Business Uses facilitated by Ralf Hilgenstock and Stuart Mealor. I just found this course today through a Linkedin Moodle group. I haven’t fully explored this course but I hope to get something out of it as I work with a business that uses Moodle for their courses.

This course is for discussing and sharing ideas about using Moodle for

* paid courses – where entrepreneurial businesses provide courses to customers in return for payment
* corporate education – where companies are implementing a site for internal courses

Take a look at all of the courses on

Quick Post: Moodle growth shown on a map

I wanted to post this quick link I just found from @tobyholman showing Moodle’s growth graphically Generic Viagra on a map. Check it out! It looks like it’s from Moodle rocks!

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What you paint is what you get

Have you ever wished there was a way for students to draw or paint in Moodle? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that one of our GSOC 2009 projects is a paint tool for Moodle.. read more

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