Moodle Hangout Tues. 17th 1pm ET on Google+

Who uses Moodle? Who uses Google+? If you said yes to both then come join us on Tuesday, January 17th at 1pm ET to discuss “Moodle for Online Learning and Blended Learning“. The Hangout was a product of a discussion stream from Sean Beaverson and John R. Sowash on Google+.

It’ll be an informal Hangout with no predefined agenda items and there may be a cap on how many people can be in pokies online the Hangout but we’ll just see how it goes! People can drop in and out and go with the flow.

Soo, to access the Hangout you have to have a Google+ account and just add me (Melissa Benson), Sean or John to your circles or just search for us and check out our streams. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to access it? We’ll send out reminders via Google+ and Twitter.

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Great Post: “Moodle is an Airport!” (GlobalClassroom)

On another note, I plan to write a few posts about our district’s experience with the Moodle-Google SSO module. I will be co-presenting at the TIES 2009 Conference about payday loans lenders this and in January I will be giving a short presentation to another district with my co-worker.

I hope to write up a few posts with bits and pieces and maybe attach some of the slides or parts of our presentation. Happy Moodling!

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Recently I’ve been helping out with getting our district’s Moodle-Google SSO fully working. It had been working but we ran into a few issues. I think we have solved our problem…we’ll see tomorrow! I plan to write a complete blog post about our situation and how we were able to get it working which will hopefully help others out there in the same situation. We’re using Ubuntu 8.0.4, Moodle 1.9.1+ and the LDAP Authentication.

Google Summer of Code 2009

Check out Helen Foster’s latest Moodle Announcement about Moodle taking part in the Google Summer of Code.

Moodle + Google Apps = : )

Google Apps Education Edition is coming to an open source learning management system near you. Moodlerooms, a Moodle partner, is launching a new enhancement to the open source LMS in collaboration with search giant Google to provide access to the application suite using a single sign-on. [read more]

This really excites me! Our district has been looking into student email possibilities and a way for students to collaborate. Google Apps Education Edition seems to be a top choice for secondary students. This would be an awesome integration for us! In the article, I think this is the most important reason why I like the idea of a Moodle/Google App integration:

“This greatly simplifies the task of implementing a collaborative suite, as well as enables institutions to leverage the work they’ve already done integrating their platforms with their other systems. From a teacher’s perspective, this provides an easy way to assign students to collaborative tasks without having to worry about the students having different operating systems or incompatible software or being unable to access an online system. From an IT staffer or CIO’s perspective, this provides an integration tested with large-scale data loads and built on industry standard SAML 2.0 and OAuth protocols for secure single sign on and information transfer.” [read more]

Easy integration, fewer logins and “places” to go seem to be very important for teachers. If our district does decide to go with Google Apps this is something really look into.


Read Using Moodle online

It looks like you can read the first Using Moodle book online as well. It says some pages are omitted but it looks like a lot of the book is available to read online.