Free Live Moodle Course

Check of Global Classroom‘s post yesterday about a great opportunity to get some Moodle training for free! it looks like they found this through a discussion in the Moodle Meet Ning. I have not logged into that Ning for awhile, it looks like they did a little makeover. I need be better at checking that out!

Free Moodle Hosting

These solutions for using Moodle may not suit your situation but here are a few free Moodle Hosting services:

Web 2.0 Moodle Course

On the ICT Guy blog, he posts about a Web 2.0 Moodle course for teachers professional development.

The aim was simply to be an introduction to the world of web2.0 and how it might impact on the classroom.

As a way of giving back to the open-source world he is offering to give the course away as a download, check it out!

Moodle Programming Course Part II

In my last post I mentioned the new Moodle Porgramming Course you can enroll in for free (hosted on After posting I decided to enroll myself and see what it is all about. I was little hesitant to enroll because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time to really get into the course but I enrolled and it looks great!

You can go at your own pace, communicate with other Moodlers and really grasp a variety of ideas surrounding Moodle. I am still on the first unit but I already like it so far. You go through the course just like any other online course. You do assignments, post in forums, talk with others and actually get feedback on your assignments.

More to come as I dig deeper into this course. Check out the Moodle Programming course if you have not already!