Call for 2012 Midwest Moodle Moot Proposals!

The 2012 Midwest Moodle Moot has been announced and will be held July 25-27. The keynote speaker this year will be Stuart Mealor, New Zealand Moodle Partner and Manager of the Free Moodle Project.

They’re currently asking for proposals so if you’re interested in presenting at the Moot check it out here.

It looks like registration information will be available soon.

Midwest Moodle Moot 2011

Looking to learn more about Moodle this summer? Make networking connections? A great opportunity is at the Midwest Moodle Moot July 20-22 in Goshen, IN. I think attending a Moodle Moot this summer is a great time to go because of the release of Moodle 2.1 on June 30th. I’m actually going to the one in California in July and my main focus will be on Moodle 2.x

Here are the details


2011 Midwest Moodle Moot web site:

Dates/Location:  July 20-22, Goshen, IN

Registration Fees:  Conference $135 (early reg.);  Workshops $65 each. (Register here!)

Keynote Address: “The National Education Technology Plan: How we will all help each other transform education,” Steve Midgley, Deputy Director of Education Technology, US Department of Education.

Unfortunately I will not be attending as I am attending the one in California a week before. Here is a list of the Moodle Moot sessions along with the workshops list.


Ready, Set iMoot! #iMoot2011


The time has come for the second annual iMoot!

Here are a few items that may help you prepare:

  • Simple schedule in PDF format
    • Important Note: The times on the PDF are dynamically set by the timezone in your iMoot profile. Please make sure you set your timezone first to make sure you get the correct times listed on your schedule
  • With iMoot due to start in less than 24 hours we have deployed the “Session Navigation” block to help you know what’s on, who is presenting it and to provide you the link to get there. It essentially is an interactive, live updating and dynamic online session schedule that works as every attendees “All Access Pass“. – read more
  • You will find this new interactive schedule through both the “iMoot Programme” link on the iMoot homepage as well as via the “Session Navigation” block on the top right of nearly every iMoot page. – read more
  • Have any questions, need help? USE THE FORUMS!

I must say the biggest difference so far from last year is the awesome navigation between sessions and the schedule. It’s SO much easier to navigate and to quickly search the sessions and easily go to that session’s course. Way to go iMoot team!

If you haven’t registered for the iMoot yet, REGISTER HERE! Remember to use the Twitter hashtag #iMoot2011 when tweeting about your iMoot experience.

Coming Soon: A Google Doc for collaborative note taking and sharing throughout the iMoot. Will post when it’s created.


Remember to register for the first ever Moodle Moot Online!

Just a quick note to remind everyone to sign up for the first ever Moodle Moot online – iMoot 2010! Read more about it or register here!

For those of you already attending follow iMoot2010 on Twitter and use the Twitter hash tag #imoot2010.

2010 Midwest Moodle Moot

Check out the 2010 Midwest Moodle Moot site for information about the upcoming Moot on July 26th through the 28th. Martin Dougiamas will attend and present the keynote (awesome!).

Conference presenters will receive a 40% discount off of the early bird registration conference rate and workshop leaders will receive free conference registration plus a stipend. The deadline for proposals will be March 26th.

I would love to  be able to attend a Moodle Moot and this seems like a great one to attend – it’s not too far away from me, it’s in HGH the summer and Martin will be there! I think it’d be a great experience and if I were able to put together a decent proposal and actually have it approved it would be a great work experience for me. However, the funds are not really there for me right now : ) That’s why I’m excited I can “attend” the 2010 iMoot which is a $45 fee and online!

But for those who can make it work I highly suggest taking a look at the 2010 Midwest Moodle Moot site for more information!

Attend a Moodle Moot…. Online!

Just a quick reminder to register for iMoot 2010! What’s iMoot 2010, you ask?

iMoot2010 is the first time the Moot has been brought together on a gobal scale. In the past localised Moots have been held all around the world with brilliant speakers from each region. iMoot will bring them together for the first time in one event for an online e-conference with a difference. read more

I think this is an awesome Volume Pills idea especially for Moodle because it’s so global. From what I understand there will be live sessions throughout the day and they will be replayed two more times with Q & A sessions after. Obviously, Moodlers are in all different timezones so replaying the sessions will allow Moodlers to attend the sessions they want.

iMoot2010 is February 4th-7th

Registration Cost: $45

Follow iMoot2010 on Twitter

Visit iMoot2010 now to learn more and register today!