Happy Belated Birthday to @MoodleNews @josephthibault

I’m sad that I missed the actual date of Moodlenews.com’s birthday (November, 12th) but I wanted to post a quick note celebrating it : )Moodle News

It’s been a short 12 months since I registered Moodlenews.com (originally it was Moodlemonthly and my main intention was a monthly journal) with the goal of aggregating and sharing all the great things I was reading and learning about Moodle LMS.  Since November 12th, 2009 I’ve changed jobs, moved, traveled (to California, Key West, Texas, Pittsburgh, Maryland/DC, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and a few other places) and have done my best to stay true to Pokies my original intent for Moodlenews. [read more]

Moodle News (originally Moodle Monthly) was created by Joseph Thibault last November. If you haven’t visited Moodlenews.com already, it is a must! There are multiple quality posts about Moodle every week day by Joseph and others. Take a look at the stats in the past year – proving it to be a great, new Moodle resource!

I have contributed a few posts and I am planning on doing more in the near future!

Cheers to Moodle News!


Quick stop for Moodle 2.0 links

It’s been awhile!

I’ve been busy the last few months as I’ve taken a new job but now that I’m settling in I wanted to take a quick stop and present some recent Moodle 2.0 links and news I’ve gathered from other blogs, my Google reader and Twitter of course : )

Moodle 2.0

Coming soon… reviews on some Moodle books, other great links to resources, news and Moodle articles…

…..Moodle on!

Moodle Link Love

I haven’t done one of these for awhile so I’ll try and gather up all my saved links from the past weeks!

Moodle Monthly – An awesome new site by Joseph Thibault

Moodle Monthly is a collaborative project bringing order to news and information pertaining to the open source project and learning management system called Moodle.

First look at Moodle 2.0: html editor – From young pokies Moodle Monthly

Posts from Helen Foster

Moodle Moots coming up!

  • Register for the 2010 iMoot! The schedule is now up.
  • Midwest Moodle Moot – July 26-28th in Indiana – Martin Dougiamas will be attending and will be the key note speaker!

Moodle Link Love

Moodle Announcements


Moodle Link Love

Moodle Announcements


Great Post: “Moodle is an Airport!” (GlobalClassroom)

On another note, I plan to write a few posts about our district’s experience with the Moodle-Google SSO module. I will be co-presenting at the TIES 2009 Conference about payday loans lenders this and in January I will be giving a short presentation to another district with my co-worker.

I hope to write up a few posts with bits and pieces and maybe attach some of the slides or parts of our presentation. Happy Moodling!

Moodle Nanogong Assignment

I found this great blog post and screencast from Mary Cooch on her Moodle Blog explaining a new Nanogong assignment.

Similar to the “upload a single file” type where students can browse and send you their work for marking , the nanogong assignment presents them with a little sound recorder into which they can record themselves , play back to check and then send to you. read more

I just wanted to post a Generic Cialis quick link to her post and screecast. This looks like a great module that I know the teachers in our district would use! I hope to test this out soon and possibly add it to our Moodle site if I get some time for it. Thanks Mary!

Read the full post and watch the screencast explaining how to install and use it.

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….and More

Recently I’ve been helping out with getting our district’s Moodle-Google SSO fully working. It had been working but we ran into a few issues. I think we have solved our problem…we’ll see tomorrow! I plan to write a complete blog post about our situation and how we were able to get it working which will hopefully help others out there in the same situation. We’re using Ubuntu 8.0.4, Moodle 1.9.1+ and the LDAP Authentication.

Moodle Link Love

Moodle Announcements

Planet Moodle

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