Second Life + Moodle = Sloodle

SLOODLE (Simulation Linked Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an Open Source project which integrates the multi-user virtual environment of Second Life® with the Moodle® learning-management system.

Sloodle provides a range of tools for supporting learning and teaching to the immersive virtual world; tools which are fully integrated with a tried and tested web-based learning management system used by hundreds of thousands of educators and students worldwide. – Read more

Sloodle has been around for awhile, however I have not yet dug deep into it as to how it really works. Our district has been working with Moodle for a good 7-8 months and now that we have the basic functionality down I have been looking at how to do more with Moodle–whether it’s looking at Moodle 2.0, the Moodle layout, plug-ins or integrating it with other software.

I am still a little fuzzy on the look and functionality of Sloodle but what I get from it is basically taking your Moodle site and making each block, activity and resource a 3D graphical thing and instead of a participant name they are an avatar. Check out a Sloodle Demo and see for yourself. I believe this is an an old video demo but it gets the point across.

I think our district is a long ways away from this program (if ever) but it’s very interesting to look at the possibilities of integrating other software with Moodle. I do wonder about the effectiveness of turning your Moodle classroom into a virtual world. I think it can definitely engage  students more but will this cause time wasting? Will the “cool graphics” and “fun” part of it outshine the curriculum and learning that a Moodle classroom provides? Like I said before, I am still fuzzy on the functionally of Sloodle so I can’t make a judgment. If anyone has any information or personal experiences with using Sloodle in the classroom I would greatly appreciate any comments.