Let’s get collaborative West Coast Moodle Moot! #mootusca11

Are you going to the West Coast Moodle Moot in California in a week? If so, come join the community and engage in the Collaborative Doc. My colleague (@smbeaverson) and I came up with this idea during the 2011 iMoot, where it started out as a simple blank document with a few directions:

iMoot Brilliance

and it was transformed into 19 pages of notes, edited by Moodlers from all around the world. From the United States, to Australia, to Mexico, Sweden and Hong Kong! I’d like to start the same type of Document with supplements testosterone human growth hormone hgh my very first Moodle Moot : )pencil

I’ve created a doc for the upcoming West Coast Moodle Moot– http://goo.gl/vODg0. It’s a public, open document for anyone to edit. Please feel free to help organize the doc or contribute to it–with notes during the conference, questions or ideas to share.

Also “sign in” by entering in your Twitter handle and name so we can continue to network with other tools during and after the conference.


Please pass along the collaborative doc URL – http://goo.gl/vODg0 – and remember to use the Moodle Moot hashtag #mootusca11