Moodle Playpen

Brought to you by the Moodleman Blog, The Moodle Playpen is a demonstration Moodle site that allows users to explore Moodle’s possiblities. There are demos of standard features, advanced features, layout examples and discussions.

This site has been around for awhile and is maintained by Julian Ridden (follow him on Twitter!). Whether you’re looking for a new look or a way to spice up the functionality of your Moodle site, The Moodle Playpen is a great place to get ideas for your own Moodle site. One of my favorite demos is the Accordion Course Format layout! Check out The Moodle Playpen for more ideas!

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The Moodle Playpen
The Moodle Playpen – 2.0 Alpha
Using Moodle: Accordion Discussion

Share at MoodleShare!

In a previous post I talked about wishing there were more Moodle communities. Here’s a Moodle community that I hope catches on and gains a big community. It’s called MoodleShare and it’s a community of Moodlers just wanting to share their Moodle sites and information.

It looks a litte raw right now but hopefully it can become a good community of Moodlers. You can post your Moodle site or create a group. It looks to me like a place to post Moodle links that you think others can benefit from. You can search by the tags. I think the site has potential. I’m trying to see if there are forums or anything but I do not see any. Sign up today!

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Moodle Slider

Patrick Malley created a Moodle Slider for the front page of a Moodle theme. I think it’s pretty cool! It’s pretty slick and can save some space. I think it makes it feel a little more like a regular website.

The only problem, on our district Moodle site, is that we force our users to use My Moodle. When they log in they do not ever see the front page, they only see the front page when they are not logged in. Therefore, putting any important information there or spending a lot of time working on that may not be worth it if not many users see it.

Moodlers Unite!

Check out the Moodle Moots coming up in the next few months via Moodle Announcements.

My co-worker and I have been looking into attending a Moodle Moot. Our district has an idea of putting on our own Moodle Moot, or Moodle Workshop (on a smaller scale), in the future and attending an actual Moot would greatly benefit us. We have been looking into the Canada one or perhaps one in Oklahoma or San Francisco. Check out the main Moodle Moot page.